Technical Tips

High-Performance Ammonia Probes (9512HP)

Note: Not for older Original Ammonia Probes

  1. None of the supplies for the older 9512BN probe can be used with this probe. This includes the loose membranes, membrane caps, filling solution, and storage solution.
  2. The old ISA buffers (the “blue stuff”: A-15Y and O-951211) should NOT be used in ammonia concentrations below 20 ppm. You should use NCL# S-41 or O-951011 at the ratio of 1 ml to 100 ml of standard or sample.
  3. Storage solution: use 1 ppm ammonia standard without ISA buffer. Do NOT use 100 ppm or 1000 ppm standard as you did with the other probe.
  4. After preparing your standards, rinse your probe off thoroughly with ammonia-free water. Then place the probe in your lowest standard. Add 10 drops of ISA buffer (NCL# S-41 or O-951011) per 50 ml of standard. The probe should be at a 15 degree angle from vertical and the solution should be stirred with a stir bar at medium speed. Important: Look underneath the probe to ensure that there is no air bubble trapped across the membrane, (which often occurs when you insert the probe). If you see an air bubble, gently tap the probe until the bubble is released.
  5. For standards and samples: Lock in the value as soon as the reading has stabilized (do NOT wait 4 minutes for this probe!).
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