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Every month we get hundreds of calls requesting technical assistance on Wastewater lab procedures. Most of them are regarding BOD problems (blank depletions and GGA results), but also a fair number on Phosphorus, Ammonia, Total Residual Chlorine, and other subjects.

In an attempt to use the Internet for something actually useful, we will be addressing some of the most common Wastewater lab problems. We are not attempting to teach you the lab basics of any of these tests. Rather, this section is for those of you who already know and understand the basics, and are still having problems.

We expect to be adding more, so check back often.

Here are the links for specific problems:

Original Ammonia Probes

High-Performance Ammonia Probes

Inner Body Check

BOD Probes

GGA Calculations



pH Filling Solution

Serial Dilutions

Vacuum Pumps

YSI Service Kits

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