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9512BN Ammonia Probes


Which one do I have?

There are two different 9512 Ammonia probes manufactured by Thermo Scientific (formerly Orion):

- The 9512BN has been around for about 25 years. It has a black outer body. (Click here for more information)

- The 9512BNHP (HP stands for High Performance) has been around for about 3 years. It has a transparant outer body. (Click here for more information)

It is extremely important that you know which 9512 Ammonia probe you have. The probes use different membranes, different fill solutions, different storage solutions, different ISA buffers, and require a different calibration technique. The only thing that is the same are the calibration standards.

The following chart lists the supplies required by each 9512 Ammonia probe.

Manufacturer Orion 9512BN Orion 9512HPBN
NCL # O-9512BN O-9512HPBN
NCL Price 558.00 585.90
Filling Solution O-951202 O-951209
(price) 57.60 (2 oz btl) 57.60 (2 oz btl)
Loose Membranes O-951204 O-951214
(price) 105.30 (pk of 20) 105.30 (pk of 20)
Membrane Caps O-951205 O-951215
(price) 128.70 (pk of 3 54.90 (pk of 3)
Storage Solution O-951007 O-951213
(price) 61.20 53.10
* The outer body comes with membrane caps for the O-9512HP