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Diagnostic Fee Schedule

Equipment Description Price
YSI-5905, Self-Stirring BOD Probe* 35.00
YSI-5010, Self-Stirring BOD Probe* 35.00
YSI-550, Portable DO Meter* 50.00
YSI-556, Portable Multiparameter Meter with Multi Probe System* 75.00
DY-52, Combination Field/Lab DO/BOD Meter 50.00
DY-55, Portable DO Meter* 50.00
DY-30 50.00
DY-58 50.00
DY-63 50.00
DY-85* 50.00
YSI-200, DO/Temp. Meter* 50.00
YSI-5100, Laboratory DO Meter 35.00

* If cleaning of anode and cathode of DO probes is required, an additional $25 fee will be charged.

We charge these fees to test equipment using manufacturer's mandated procedures and specifications. You are responsible for these charges regardless of whether the equipment is working, and whether you want the equipment repaired or returned. However, if you choose to have us repair your equipment, you will be charged additionally only for the required parts. We will NOT charge you for any additional repair labor.