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QA/QC Standards

NCL's QA/QC Standards program is now in its 13th year. Easy ordering, low prices.



Having problems with your BOD's? North Central Labs has solutions to your biggest nightmare!

BOD Standard

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BOD Seed

Searching for a New Seed Capsule? Here's our recommendation for the best SEED on the market. We've tested it. We recommend it. You NEED it. We've got it. We're willing to sell it to YOU!

BOD Seed

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Laboratory Testing for BOD and CBOD

This 120 page manual on BOD testing, written by Perry Brake of the Washington Dept. of Ecology, and Mike Raynovic of NCL, gives valuable insights into troubleshooting BOD blanks, and GGA's, as well as the equipment involved.

Laboratory Testing Book

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TSS Filters

If you need TSS Filters, NCL can save you a lot of money with our private label NCL TSS filters. One of the most costly expendables in the Wastewater Lab is TSS filters.

TSS Filters


pH Buffers or Calibration Standards

If you are buying your pH buffers or calibration standards elsewhere, you are throwing your money away. Check out our prices for ammonia, chloride, chlorine, fluoride, nitrate, nitrite, and phosphorus standards as well as pH buffers, and SAVE MONEY!!!

Buffer Set

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